Monday, May 11, 2009

Deep in the silence there is sound.
And in the music there are lights.
Coming alive like a butterfly born to be free.
Coming alive at the heart of the mystery.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Miracles happen every day! Luthar Vandros.

Little Miracles happen every day! Luthar Vandros.

What is a miracle?
Love is a miracle.
Every time that you care,
A miracle happens somewhere.

Luthar Vandros. One of the most beautiful soul voices ever. Music is a miracle and to heal with music is miraculous. How it releases our emotions and takes our spirit higher.
I've had many miracles in my life and the best is yet to come.
Cant wait!

Monday, April 27, 2009

KiKi Dee with Carmelo Lugegeri: "I've Got The Music In Me"

This is no doubt one of the all time great tracks by one of the all time greatest singers.
This video really wows me as Kiki is even better now than ever and looks fantastic. The guitarist is amazing too, Carmelo Lugegeri, and her new album is fantastic, fusing Indian and world music into magical arrangments that open up a whole new look at each song.
Well if you wanna know the hidden healing secrets of music, that's it in a nut shell.
If you've got the music in you nothing can get you down. The worlds most powerful weapon against destruction and survival. Look at the blues and how it was born.
From slavery, the great songs of freedom coming from the deepest pain and human degredation.
If you have the music in you, you got no troubles in your life 'cause they cant take it away from you. Nothing can stop you. Look at Kiki Dee. She was born for this song.
No foolish dreams can make you cry, you cant be frightened or worried, you know you'll always get by.
Now why is this. I think because music is the language of the angels. An abstract perfect reality and state of being that we can mirror in our world, or like the great angels of music, be the messenger.
Nothing can stop it because it is the voice of God. People communicating in perfect harmony. My great Jazz flute teacher Arnie Lawrence used to tell us that in Jazz, there are no such things as mistakes, a wrong note is only a passing note on its way to the right one.
So if you think you made a mistake just use that note to get you where you wanna go.
Now aint that the truth.....what a releif !
If you dont have the music in you, I dont believe you, because nature and rhythm go to-gether. Everything that lives is composed of rhythm and subject to rhythmic cycles in nature, so enjoy this great KIKI Dee track and Carmelo Lugegeri on Guitar.
WOW! photoheaven7

Friday, April 17, 2009

from photoheaven7

As Zakir Hussain is a master percussionist and Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia, (God that's hard to say if your from the west), is a master on Indian flute. I will start with these two mediums of expression. Firstly, rhythm, and then the melody. Not to mention that beautiful zitar hovering in the background providing a rich carpet to fly upon. This commentary is really only valid if you listen to the video concert below and it is 1.5 hours long. I realize that it's not the regular time for a music track, but if you have spring cleaning to do, just put it on and you wont even see the mess.
No but seriously if you take the time to listen to the whole track and let it take you where they can take you, you will start to feel the healing power of this music.
Pt Hari Prasad Charasia says that it is the job of the musician to take us into space, and that is in fact what he does. Indian music is more abstract rhythmically than the western music we are used to, so we can relax first of all and let our-selves open to these new possibilities. Zakir Hussein enters the music about one third into the concert and continues to ascend into a blessed discussion with the creator. You can't believe what you are hearing, it's silly to try and put it into words, but the rhythmic patterns he gives us here, will break open your minds listenening capacity to hear things you have never heard before, and wakens up your senses to receive this knowledge. Why do I say knowledge, because it is. Wisdom also. Playing an instrument is about communicating, and receiving, and we commmunicate in music, thoughts and emotions without the use of words. Knowledge, wisdom, yes really. In the words of Jimi Hendrix "knowledge talks and wisdom listens" That is why it is almost impossible to put into words what is happening here, it's simply something that passes through your body in the form of vibration, and heals it as it uplifts the spirit, and the body follows.
Sometimes in the tabla bass sounds, you can feel the bass vibrating in your belly energy center, and you realize this is no ordinary music.
It is the power of the invisible on the physical. Like wind moving water. Musicians and artists talk to the higher energies, spirits, God, call it whatever you want to call it every day. First we must receive in the form of inspiration and then to communicate to the ears that hear.
That's it, angel's work. So let this music heal you, if you are not used to Indian music , give it a chance, and put it on while you do something else.
Rhythm is a skill of cutting or interpreting time. To place into the here and now time rhythmic definiton. Zakir gives us magnificent complex rhythms to digest, and helps to balance our minds. Passing through our bodies, and stimulating our senses.
Remember musicians talk without words, but there are words within the music.
The questions and answers of the heavens.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heal with the Indain masters.Live - Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia & Ustad Zakir Hussain

Music .from photoheaven7

The more I think about the deep mysticism of music and what a powerful effect it has on our emotions, and even moves us to dance, a physical interpretation of the sounds we hear, goverened by rhythm. As a musician I can never stop thanking the creator for giving me these ears. Music for me is like breathing. In and out. I play flute by the way. As musicians we learn to listen and speak without words. An infinite language that has no real rules, like wind or rain. It is a natural language of the heart. That is why musicians from all over the world can communicate very deeply even after a few minutes to-gether and can have musical conversations that can last for hours.
Music is a healer, and by music I include rhythm. Rhythm without melody, has a deep
connection to the earth, nature, the balance of our daily lives. That is why I chose this video with Zakir Hussein. He is truely an enlightened angel of music. The way he cuts time in his rhythms is breathtaking, and you sometimes cannot even believe what you are hearing is real as he lifts us out into a new space.
Zakir even looks like an angel too!
I have never experienced listening to theis level of flute mastery before. What struck me about this live concert was that the piece is 1.5 hours long and after the time passes it feels like only 10 minutes. We are healed, educated, and enlightened by engaging with this music and when you go where it takes you it is so good and safe to be there.

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